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All elements that are grouped in the design are converted into images. Groups consisting only of vector elements will be transformed into SVG, while those that include raster images or other frames will result in PNG format. For frames that are not included in a group, a background image can be specified. However, if a background image is set for a vector rectangle, the node will be transformed into an image widget.

When exporting a template, the plugin locates all images and uploads them to an external service. The link to the uploaded file will be attached to the node in Figma. If the file is exported again, the plugin will use the previously obtained links, resulting in a much faster export process.

Please note that the file storage on the server is periodically cleared. Therefore, if you attempt to load a JSON file that has been stored for an extended period, you may receive a template with missing images. However, if you export such a template again, the plugin will restore the missing links.
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